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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Acadian Jambalaya

You probably noticed that this week I am using my cooking bookshelf extensively (read Wat).

From Ethiopia to Canada, Anita Stewart's cookbook included a recipe called Acadian Jambalaya.

For all of you thinking Jambalaya is a Cajun dish, remember that Cajuns originated from the Canadian Acadians.

And looking at the recipe, it is not much different than any Jambalaya recipe I made or tasted. In fact, Jambalaya by nature of its name is a mix of meats and vegetables with spices and rice.

The Vegetables: Celery, onions and green peppers

The meats: Chicken, ham slices (yes, lame, I know) and kolbasa

The seafood: Even more lame than the ham slices - fish sticks (why not)

Tomatoes and simple spicing (Cajun Jambalaya is definitely stronger on the spicing).

Et Voila!

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