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Monday, 14 January 2013

And The Best of The Armoury District

Elegance and quality strike you as soon as you step foot in Chocolate Arts Café.

Red and chocolate colours fill up the place starting with the beautiful art piece by Janice Wong made of many paint films mounted on different sized squares in different red colours.

The café decor is warm, elegant, welcoming and the smell of chocolates and baked goods will break down any resistance or diet commitments.

Then you see a buffet with dozens of chocolate pieces of varied unique colours and flavours. Who can resist... 

I had the honour of meeting the chocolatier behind the café, Greg Hook, who took the time to showcase the kitchen and some of the projects he was working on.

An artist as well as chocolatier, he uses coloured coca butter to produce chocolate cakes that can, if it's your style, be over the top.

Every piece of chocolate is also a divine artistic production in shape and ingredients. 

The Rhubarb Rhapsody is very Canadian with its incorporation of rhubarb.

The Kalamansi Truffle can turn anyone on to white chocolate and never look back.

There are not words to describe the quality of chocolate at Chocolate Arts Café

Make sure you visit when in The Armoury District, have a cup of hot chocolate, sample the world's sustainable chocolates, grab a sandwich or a baked good and definitely walk out with a box of chocolates - you won't go wrong with any piece you choose.

Chocolate Arts Café
1620 West 3rd Avenue
Vancouver, BC

Chocolate Arts Café  on Urbanspoon 

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