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Friday, 22 February 2013

Kabab Koobideh Feast - The Production

A talented Iranian brought a Kabab Koobideh Feast to somerville kitchen - watch it live.

The smashing evening started with the talented Iranian bringing a full kitchen into somerville kitchen.

But what caught my eyes first was this. Seeing the look on my face, the talented Iranian quickly ascertained that this is not a weapon of mass destruction.

While looking like a bomb shell, it is really a hand made container to hold special Kabab Koobideh skewers. 

It seems that the meat mixture is very heavy and needs heavy wide skewers to hold it. Otherwise, all that hard work mounting them on the skewer you witnessed in the video above will go to waste if the meat falls off the skewers into the fire.

Between chatting and glasses of wine, a ratio of 3 humongous skewers per guest were laid out on those made-for-Kabab Koobideh skewer holders (yes, those Iranians are very talented people).

In addition to meat, tomatoes and hot peppers made it onto thinner skewers.

Kabab Koobideh is eaten over a large portion of Iranian rice.

As part of the production, a huge pot of Iranian smoked basmati rice went on the stove and an Iranian salad was being produced.

So what happened with all this food? Tune back tomorrow for Kabab Koobideh Feast - The Feasting. See you then.

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