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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Beirut At Night

The best way to discover Beirut nightlife's gems is to be with locals. The best restaurants, bars and clubs are hidden in small streets among residential homes where no map or GPS can locate.

On such a small street our night lead us to Tavolina (the address is Mar Mikhael, after Kettaneh Showroom - try to find this on a GPS)  – a hot, hopping and packed Italian restaurant.

Among the elegance of Beirut, we ordered an elegant wine to match.

Wineries in Lebanon are a booming industry and Chateau Marsyas is one of the upcoming wineries in Southern Bekaa Valley. Our server recommended their White.

It was smooth, refreshing and, while I did not see the price, is probably one of the better values in the world.

Back to Tavolina, the food options were endless. But a prominent pizza oven next to the bar focused us on pizzas:  Ciciliana, Fungi, Tavolina and Farma.

All were nicely crusted, some toppings were better than other (my favourites were Tavolina and Farma) but that did not prevent anyone from eating an average of one large pizza each.

The above-average carb and wine intake made all heavy and sleepy and none of the cute bars along Beirut's charming neighbourhoods were tried. Next time.

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~T.E.~ said...

OMG, that pizza looks DELICIOUS....DROOL!