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Sunday, 17 March 2013


I am sure there are few Irish celebrating St. Patrick's day in Lebanon somewhere or pubs having some events around it. But I am hanging out in a mountain town with nothing going on.

Yet, there is enough green around me that one can write a full article about greens in Lebanon - perfect for St. Patrick's day.

Let's start with flowering rosemary bushes. This one is just outside my parent's house. It is huge and all you have to do is shake it a bit and the smell will make you forget all life's troubles.

It is also the season for fresh almonds which are called here green almonds.

A delicacy at this time of year; but it was even more special that I had the opportunity to pick them fresh off a tree.

You eat the whole thing - the shell with its furry skin and the juicy fresh almonds inside.

A bit sour that some people dip them in salt. I just enjoyed eating them by the handful off the tree as is.

It is also the season for Foul Akhdar - fresh broad beans.

Those are so popular in Lebanon that this guy, Abou Charbel, opens up this hut on a major road every spring and all he sells is Foul Akhdar in its season.

Sold by the bags, people, like my father, will eat a full bag like this in one sitting.

I personally have never eaten them - there is a rumour that some people have deadly allergies to those.

And the list of greens go on. I think I missed the green peas season and am too early for the Jerenk - sour green plums. For now, I will settle for looking at green pine trees.

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