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Saturday, 13 April 2013

somerville kitchen Cookbook Club

Today, somerville kitchen launched the somerville kitchen cookbook club - a by-invite only cookbook club where a group of cookbook fans come together once a month. The host for the month features a book and serves something made from the book; the others bring a book and feature it too; all have a fun couple of hours and lots of learning about cookbooks and cooking.

somerville kitchen hosted the kick off and featured The Book of Kale, by our own Vancouver author Sharon Hanna. What made this cookbook special to be featured is the numerous recipes it contains that are easy to make, practical, tasty and healthy - not many cookbooks can have as many recipes that one feels like making.

The recipe featured is a Kale Smoothie. Inspired by the book's selection of ingredients to use in such a smoothie, somerville kitchen's kale smoothie included kale, pears, apples, avocado, fresh ginger, honey and cinnamon. Delicious.

Register for somerville kitchen's World in a Garden Eat More Kale workshop and cooking class and you'd be entered in a draw to win a copy of The Book of Kale. Click HERE to register.

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