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Friday, 10 May 2013

Ethiopia Comes to You

Since landing in Vancouver 20 years ago, I have not yet tried an Ethiopian restaurant in the city.

When Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant showed up with 90% likes on Urban Spoon and fit the geographical area of where the group is going, Abyssinia it was. And so glad I chose it.

You walk in and you feel you walked into an Ethiopian home - bright colours, happy people and hospitable manager introducing us to Teff, the grain that is the basis of Ethiopian bread.

The hospitable manager was nice enough to take it upon himself to organize a group meal, warning us that everything is cooked from scratch and lunch may be a while. It was all worth the wait.

The base was a vegetarian platter with split peas, chick peas, green beans, and a cabbage mix. All served on Ethiopian bread. The rest of the dishes just kept on pouring into the base platter.

He talked us into the Kitfo - raw minced very lean beef with butter, mitmita, and a special herb called Koseret. A fan of raw beef, this was definitely one of my favourite dishes.

A spicy fish and eggs dish came after, adding to the excitement that awaits digging into this meal.

The Abyssinia Yebeg Tibis is called one of the wonders of Abyssinia - a lamb with special blend of spices and herbs; a must on your Abyssinia visit.

The non-filled spots on the platter were very quickly filled with a delicious spinach concoction.

The bread served. No cutlery, just dig in with the breads and all from the same platter. Amazing how eating like this can bring a group together. I just loved this place and will find an excuse to come back.

Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant
7546 Edmonds Street
Burnaby, BC

Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant on Urbanspoon 



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