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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Joey's Wacky Trunk

Joey is a very happy car. It is always warm, hangs out with cool people, cuddles with its own cat and is best friends with Kermit.

Joey is such a team player that it has turned its trunk to an extension of somerville kitchen's pantry. 

Joey and somerville kitchen have a system in place. When groceries arrive, the perishables leave the trunk. Everything else stays in the trunk under Joey's care until one needs it.

So when you need a can of tomato, a pack of Love Crunch, a can of Pepsi or some cat litter; all you have to do is ask Joey (but Joey goes to bed early and it does not like its trunk opened late nights).

Joey's most precious time is the occasional weekend where its trunk if filled with fancier-than-grocery bags such as Chocolate Arts, Front & Company, Shaktea, to name a few.

Joey, you are such a great car. I promise to take you on a wild highway trip very soon now.


1 comment:

~T.E.~ said...

HAHA, I do this too, always take up the perishables and sometimes it takes a day or two to bring up the rest of the canned/pkgd goods...BUT I don't leave it any longer than that. Good blog, made me laff.