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Friday, 17 May 2013

Toronto Falafel

I got really excited over two-years-in-freezer home made falafel mix - not often one can have made-from-scratch falafels at home.

Bro got it all prepared (but ordered me to buy a special falafel maker utensil next time I am in Lebanon).

And the frying begun.

Frying took place on the outdoor BBQ (falafel can leave the house with a nasty smell when fried).

The trick is really hot oil and lots of it so the falafels can swim in the oil and cook (very quickly) on all sides.

And dinner was ready.

Well, almost ready, until other dishes were added to the meal, like this beautiful looking and amazingly freshly tasting tabouleh.

And lucky Torontonians get to buy hand made frozen Lebanese spinach pies - which were added to the table.

We sure ate well this night.

Thank you bro and the original makers of the falafel mix (you know who you are).


Ghada said...

Your dinner looks delicious. Where, in Toronto, did you get the Lebanese spinach pies? I've been looking for them, all over, for a long time now.


somerville kitchen said...

Hi Ghada

Those are home made, no idea where one could find them ready made. Try Arz bakery maybe.