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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

River District Farmers' Market Dinner

After discovering River District Farmers Market, I cannot seem to do anything else on Saturday's than go there (Read New Farmers Market on the Block).

So dinner tonight was exclusively from the market. The fresh local peas, squash and peppers ganged up together to form the base of a stir fry.

The organic local meat from the market was the right touch to wrap up the stir fry.

Add some noodles and dinner was ready.

I also discovered those delicious fresh market biscuits - who said stir fry cannot be served with biscuits?

And let's not forget dessert - fresh Osoyoos cherries to die for (the farmer wanted to sell me raspberries and strawberries but told him my jardin provides those).

All of those goodies at the best price in the city, free parking and beautiful scenery at the River District Farmers Market.

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