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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Triple Heat with Rick's

About time I did another Rick's Rub Experimentation.

As if it is not hot enough outside, let's take it to a higher level with Triple dose of Rick's Rub Heat beef stir fry (try it out).

First, stir fry beef was marinated with a spoonful of sherry and Rick's Rub Heat.

When I was ready to start the frying, I added another spoonful of Rick's Rub Heat to peanut oil and let it fry soaking its flavours into the oil.

Onions, chili, ginger, beef, zucchini, red and orange peppers, cabbage and the base of the stir fry was all ready (and really HOT).

Where did the third spoonful of Rick's Rub Heat go?

I mixed it with the cooked noodles before adding the noodles to the vegetables.

Now all three spoonfuls are mixed with each other and all the ingredients and I was ready to enjoy the heat.

Poor catses, it was way too much heat around so rushed outside.... Catses will probably say a word or two to Rick about the heat on the new Facebook Page Rick's Rub.

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