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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Wacky Berries

Last year I wrote about the jardin raspberries on July 23 (Read Raspberry Forest).

This year, raspberries are out earlier and I am already enjoying some fresh off the bush before bed or first thing in the morning.

In addition to those beautiful raspberries, there is an invasion of a new wacky berry.

I call it Bro Berry since it was a small plant I picked up from my brother's garden in Toronto last year and transport it in a wet paper towel to le jardin in Vancouver.

It produces those berries that look like black berries but are lighter in colour, maturing earlier than black berries and have a slight raspberry sourness to them.

Whatever it is, I love it and goes well with other jardin crop, particularly toppping rice pudding.

And is very handy when one is serving a very little dessert portion (which is a common practice at somerville kitchen this summer).

But the wackiest is a raspberry and sweet tofu dessert - yum!

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