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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Yek O Yek Picnic

I featured Yek O Yek on the blog last year. And I should think of it more often.

My trip to Yek O Yek today was to pick up some Basmati Rice. The owner was very helpful and gave me a great tip - buy the regular Basmati along with a smoked version.

Cook them in proportion of 3 to 1 regular to smoked and you can have an aromatic style Iranian rice.

Purchase made. Then I remembered I had a working meeting at home tonight over pizza. But why have pizza when you have Yek O Yek deli staring at you.

Delicious baked goods with endless options.

I opted for cheese, spinach and lentils - yes, those square ones to the left of the picture are stuffed with a cumin-spiced up lentil mix.

Other varieties of munchies are all there for you, including an excellent home made yogurt.

But the best discovery is this Iranian herb omelette. Eat it with your hands and keep that heavenly smell with you all day.

Yek O Yek
3046 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

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