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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Pomodorini e Formaggio di Capra di Pasta

I am very proud of this meal I created. I even gave it a name (see article title). I am sharing the recipe at no charge.

I started with three vegetables: small summer squash, broccolini and yellow beans.

I sauteed the squash and beans in olive oil and butter, added the broccolini. Meanwhile, in another pot, I cooked the spaghetti.

I drained the spaghetti, returned it hot to its pot, added a third cup of goat cheese. I mixed the pasta and cheese well then mixed in the cooked vegetables.

The special touch was adding, at this point, a bunch of whole pomodorini (tiny tomatoes). I sprinkled all with freshly ground pepper, covered the pot for 3 minutes to let the tomatoes steam a bit then served. Excellent if I may say so.


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