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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Picnics - Sausage Picnic

The BBQ made a late appearance in le jardin this summer. 

And it was pleased to host a variety of sausages picnic - all were purchased from D Original Sausage Haus in Steveston (130 - 12000 First Avenue).

All D Original Sausage Haus sausages are hand made locally. The variety and names of the sausages were endless and I did not take my reporter note book with me for names. 

Herr Hertha, if you are reading this, maybe you can guess what we ate bitte.

I love jardin picnics.

Und vielen dank D Original Sausage Haus.

1 comment:

Jens said...

Thanks for stopping by the store. What I can see is definitely Weisswurst and Thueringer Bratwurst. Looks like you also have Beer Bombs, Toulouse and maybe Pizza Brats on there, but that's harder to tell.