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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Wacky Sweet Week

somerville kitchen had a busy month of July reporting birthday celebrations (fans' birthdays are July 13, 14, 15 (3), 16, 18, 21).

As a result, a lot of sweets were presented, played with and ... eaten.

sweet e's was the main provider of birthday celebration sweets this year.

When John asked for a 'very chocolaty chocolate cake' it was a no brainer that their Flourless Chocolate Cake be ordered.

Yes, flourless does not mean boring (nor light). The creative brains at sweet e's use cocoa, butter and eggs to make a moist cake that is heaven for any chocolate lover.

But, as a white and creamy fan, I simply had to find an occasion for sweet e's summer special coconut cream pie.

My love affair with white and creamy probably developed at the age of five when I used to eat coconut cream pie sourced from some American entity by a relative working there.

I have not had luck replicating that taste until decades later with this one.

Another provider was The Sweet Spot Bakery.

The white and creamy was amplified with a vanilla cheese cake with summer fruit. 

And the fruit got more exotic with fresh lychee and blueberries.

Trafiq is also on the list of favourite birthday cake providers.

And I am so glad I managed to get one of Trafiq's delicious and moist carrot cakes to be added to the series of birthday cakes.

Talking about carrots, cherries added to the healthy eating, but one cannot  buy fruit from River District Farmer's Market without a lovely bakeress'  delicious goodies.

At the end of the day, there are way too many sweets around to continue this reporting, but hopefully this gives you a flavour of what happens in July.

(mom, if you are reading this, rest assured I am on a no dessert diet till my birthday).

Wait a minute, I cannot forget about this delicious Japanese fruit jelly gift that managed to squeeze in between all the cakes.

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