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Friday, 2 August 2013

Le Marché St. George

If any place to eat in this city should be written about again and again is this one - Le Marché St. George. (Read original article, Un Vrai Marché).

A corner store that has been around for decades, passing hands from one family to another, is still operating as a market, café, creperie, even a boarding house, to name a few of the many offerings at Le Marché St. Geroge

But my favourite remains a breakfast of savoury crepe with hot chocolate.

The crepes are made to order right on the spot. 

They come in savoury and sweet options. I have tried the salmon and gruyere cheese as well as the eggs and gruyere cheese and both are amazing.

If you live in East Vancouver, it is worth putting it on your list of favourite neighbourhood places to hang out at. If you live further, it sure is worth the trip. Let me know and I will meet you there.

 Le Marché St. George
4393 St. George Street
Vancouver, BC
Le Marché St. George on Urbanspoon 

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