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Friday, 25 October 2013

A Celebration

A special celebration was in order. A leisurely lunch that started after 1:00 pm was the plan.

Two quality Lebanese brands were the conduit.

Mounir Restaurant is where my parents have been celebrating any occasion for the past 39 years.

ixsir wine, the wine you cannot escape in Lebanon these days and which wine professionals and amateurs both seem to agree is the one new winery that is rivaling all the long established Lebanese wineries (it is really good wine).

Over two hours of feasting at the beautiful Mounir Restaurant's oasis and, on average, two-thirds of a bottle of Ixsir 2009 Grand Reserve white per person.

Here's what the feasting entailed. Enjoy.

The freshly on-site baked bread that kicks off the meal and keeps on coming throughout the meal.

Perfect timing to enjoy a colourful platter of Shanklish.

Smooth silky humus that is the best in the world.

The fries - eggplants and potatoes.

"Kellaj" - The inspiration behind somerville kitchen's Halloum Sails

Two versions of Kebbeh - the raw version...

... and the grilled one.

Fresh fried fish with fried pita wedges.

 A real amazing feast that lasted for hours.

Mounir Restaurant - Broummana

ixsir winery - Batroun

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Anonymous said...

Yum! Inspirational
Beautiful garden with waterfall
[At Mounir Restaurant]
Inspirational as well

from J.
aka 'The Scouse Ambassador'