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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Wacky Drinking in Toronto

When I was snobbed by this cute cat, I felt so down that I needed a drink.

Two hours to kill at the Shops at Don Mills meant an opportunity to sample few drinks around town.

Teavana - a great name and an Oprah's Favorite -  let's go in.

10 minutes before I was acknowledged, but the selection of teas kept me hanging.

A fig and rose tea caught my eye - they were out of it. A chocolate orange tea caught my eye but they were out of it.

A tea latte to stay was served in a to-go cup - given the ambiance, I would have been better off drinking it outside anyways.

1800 Shepard Avenue East
Toronto, Ontario

Teavana on Urbanspoon

Next - Bier Markt; now I am impressed.

Beer selections from around the world, from countries you wouldn't even expect them to make beer.

A whole binder of "Bier Terms" that was even more fun than the fantasy book I was reading.

And to put it to the test, I went with my favourite country's beer - German.

Branding at its best - Weihenstephan beer served in a Weihenstephan glass.

Add to this an intelligent, polite and efficient server and Teavan was a long lost memory very quickly.

Bier Markt
7 O'Neil Road
Toronto, Ontario

Bier Markt on Urbanspoon

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