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Saturday, 25 January 2014

World War III at The Cookbook Club

somerville kitchen cookbook club meetings are becoming more fun each month.

For January, two members at one side of the table pulled out Korean cookbooks. Facing them, the other two members pulled out Moroccan cookbooks.

And the referee was an Iranian cookbook. Perfect set up for world war III.

Our gracious hostess' addiction to Korean soap operas developed into a fascination with Korean food.

Her featured book, A Korean Mother's Cooking Notes by Sun-young Chan, was highly praised for the details of the recipes and how well they turn out.

We sampled her home made Japchae which was delicious, served with Korean Barley wheat.

The Japchae looked exactly like the picture in the Korean books and used almost 100% authentic ingredients.

A pleasant meeting all around.

Now I wish we find some guys who want to join to tip the ratio of 1 to 6 males to females.

Any males interested to join? Email me.

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