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Thursday, 27 February 2014

A Catsess Day - Nights

Dear Readers. Catsess took over Wacky Thursdays for the next month to tell us about her day. Wacky Thursdays will resume in March.

"Now I have eaten all day (Read A Catsess Day - Mornings), napped all afternoon  (Read A Catsess Day - Afternoons), socialized with the humans (Read A Catsses Day - Afternoons). I am ready to terrorize the house and its inhabitants all night."

"Go to sleep? I am a feral cat and we no sleep at night. This is the time for adventure. But first I have to groom myself for the performance."

"Look at me, I am going to sit in my basket quietly all night (ha, he believed me - you see, this always gets me treats)".

"Tricked you! It's play time. First, let me help you take your clothes off. I promise I won't leave any scratches".

"No, you cannot jump in the shower, I hate water. Either crush me with your foot or skip the shower - which will you do?"

"Good decision, skip the shower. Now let me tuck you into your bed. Don't worry, I know what I am doing."

"Yay - playtime. Human in bed. Now I can go upstairs and run, roll, jump off window sills and make sure no one gets to sleep."

"Okay Mr. time to get up. The sun is almost up and I am bored of playing alone all night!"

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