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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Gone Chinese

My Dear Lovely Neighbour has gone Chinese this weekend and made a Chinese feast.

Well, one can still sense the Indian touch in anything she cooks, but that is part of why she is so inventive in the kitchen and her productions are always fascinating.

A massive platter of chicken Chow Mein with the vegetables and the eggs. A lovely production.

There were also Chinese greens with wonderful fusion of Chinese-Indian spicing and home made sweet and sour (and spicy) chicken.

My Dear Lovely Neighbour, how did you know that mango pudding is by far my favourite Chinese dessert?

The dessert was not limited to the pudding. 

A sweets buffet with Sweet e's Flourless Chocolate Cake, valentine cookies and of course Fortune Cookies.

Thank you for going Chinese My Dear Lovely Neighbour. Love to see you going Lebanese some day soon.


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