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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Replacement Chef's BLT

It is very clear from the picture above that dinner is a BLT sandwich.

But this is not any BLT sandwich, it is Replacement Chef's BLT sandwich that is thick, beautifully stacked and delicious.

And what makes it so special you may ask?

First, it is the way you cook the bacon - Replacement Chef's directions on this are very clear:

"you lay them out flat in the frying pan then lay them flat when done and cover them flat to keep them flat for the sandwich".

Why is catsess looking so annoyed?

As she was craving the bacon, Replacement Chef added another special touch to the BLT Sandwich - a layer of fried eggs.

But that did not stop me from extracting pieces of bacon to feed catsess as I was enjoying layers and layers of this delicious fatty sandwich.

But let's not focus too much on the fat content; there was also French Fries which no BLT sandwich is eaten without them.

Thank you Replacement Chef - I am already looking forward to a repeat BLT performance.

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