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Monday, 31 March 2014

Messed Up Recipe

Are you tired of hearing about Lenten Cookbook?

I'm getting there.

Tonight I went for baked beans. The recipe called for pre-cooked beans, which I had a lot of, so it was handy.

The recipe was perfectly easy too for a busy day. Mix the beans with a whole bunch of stuff and bake for 45 minutes.

Well, here's the story of how I messed up with this recipe.

First, I did not bother with the amounts of anything matching the recipe.

I added molasses and brown sugar, but quickly realized that I may have overdone this.

Thought will make up for it with the other ingredients.

So I substituted mustard seed with dijon mustard, ground ginger with fresh ginger and ground cloves with lots of cloves.

Added a hot chili for good measures and baked.

The outcome - weird.

The tastes did not mix well (maybe I should have baked it longer). One spoon of sweet, one spoon of cloves and one spoon of spice was the eating experience.

Maybe it is a sign that I should move to another cookbook (or stop playing with recipes).

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