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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Wacky Pizza Pageant

Three competitors each built their own pizza and entered it into the pageant.

The wacky part was that those three competitors are also the judges. 

Let the fun begin.

As Barry was making our pizza, the competitors were figuring out how to eliminate our egos from the judging. We decided, it does not matter - it is a bias inherent for each of the pizzas.

Let me introduce the contestants.

Contestant TI presented Mellow New York Steak Meatless Pizza

It received mixed comments on the cheese "nice cheese", "who wants to eat melted cheddar", " I like the cheese taste", "it is like a fancy jumbo grilled cheese sandwich". 

Contestant MK presented Indian Buzzed Chicken Pizza

This was well received "the jalapeno creates dimensionality", even though one voiced a strong, almost disqualifying opinion "chicken on pizza is against the law".

Contestant JK presented Hawaiian Garden Party Pizza

The colours were the best thing going for it "a visual party of flavours and colours", "the pineapples are the best thing on it".

The contestants started with a mini slice of each. They then ate till their stomachs contended. A two-judging approaches were applied (a) straight voting and (b) counting the one with the least leftovers as preferred.

Buzzed Indian Chicken Pizza was the winner on both counts.

Sadly, the results were contested and lawyers are involved. The chicken against the law comment is being assessed along with whether jalapeno peppers are legalized in Canada.

But the evidence is clear - just look at the Hawaiian Pizza Garden leftovers in comparison.

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