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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

A Work Party

Everyone who has been reading my blog for years knows that I love credit unions.  And all of you readers who pride yourselves on caring about the community and environment, going to farmers markets to eat local and volunteering your time with not-for-profits, you are missing one thing to close the loop of your good deeds - joining a credit union.

No, they are not the same as banks. You are an owner that can decide how your credit union should treat you. You save surcharges left and right, get exceptional service and can deposit your cheques via your smart phone.

And no CEO is making excessive money. On the contrary, most of the profits are going back into the accounts of members or helping the community.

Okay, now that my pitch is over (and no one is paying me for this by the way), let me take you to a credit union marketing awards party.

Now let's get back to food (this is a food blog after all).

The salad with a cheese croquette was very nice (specially the croquette).

Then came dinner - a fish of sorts with one leaf of greens and half a dozen pieces of carrots.

Is this dinner? everyone was wondering as all started making plans for where to go eat after the party.

But then another main showed up (now this is better).

A good one too - steak topped with stuffing with greens and beets.

The chef, specially after the dessert, fully redeemed himself.

Congratulations all winning credit unions (and there were so many of you with so much creativity).

Looking forward to next year!

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