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Sunday, 25 May 2014

My Dear Lovely Neighbour's Garden Party

My dear lovely neighbour has a beautiful garden.

My dear lovely neighbour loves her garden and spends hours working in it when the sun shines upon Vancouver.

Tonight was one of those sunny nights and my dear lovely neighbour threw a garden party.

somerville kitchen was at the party. 

somerville kitchen faced a dilemma - should the blog article be about the food or the garden?

As wine poured from bottles to glasses and from glasses to blood streams, somerville kitchen thought why not, let the article cover both, the food and the garden.

Starting with a beautiful view of the clematis.

Then again, the food itself is very colourful.

A colourful spread of spicy chicken, spicy shrimps and spiced vegetables.

A matching meal colour to the lively garden flowers.

The egg paella carried over the theme, with the eggs making the platter look like a daisy.

But very quickly the edible daisy had to compete with the voluptuous don't know what it is flower.

A European dessert wrapped up the party.

My dear lovely neighbour, I hate to say it, but no flower in your garden can beat the beautiful look of this red and white (and creamy) dessert.

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