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Friday, 30 May 2014

Reza Strikes Again

Reza Mahammad, as many regular readers know, is a chef I love cooking from his cookbooks (Read Cooking with Reza Again).

In addition to highly involved recipes, Reza gives his measurements in grams which makes the cooking experience even more fun...

... since I get to use this fancy measuring cup that gives you the volume by grams of different kinds of ingredients.

My cookbook and measuring cup in hand, I went for a simpler-than-usual Reza recipe today - Khichri.
Khichri is, according to Reza, a rice and lentils comfort food.

It is the meal that the British dish kedgeree comes from (which is another dish I am yet to try).

The combination of rice and lentils parallels the Lebanese Moudardara (Click HERE for recipe).

Except the spicing in the Indian Khichri is way more complex than onions, salt and olive oil spicing of Moudardara.

And here's my Khichri.

I have another recipe of Khichri made with split peas which I'd like to try - wondering why the difference in ingredients?

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