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Friday, 27 June 2014


Iftar is the meal Muslims share at sunset after a day of fasting during Ramadan.

I fondly remember being invited to my Muslims' friends homes for delicious Iftars as a kid.

Decades later, I had an official invite to an Iftar. I was counting the nights.

With Muslims part of different cultural backgrounds, what you eat at Iftar will vary by country.

However, they all share some dates to start, a salad of sort, lots of fresh made food and sweets to munch on. This Iftar was of an Indian flavour.

I should have taken better notes to describe the delicacies of this Iftar. 

But rather than telling you what I ate, I will stick to telling you how delicious the food was, how welcoming our hostess was and what a wonderful ritual I shared in.

Thank you and Happy Ramadan.

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