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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Remember Toast Now™

Toast Now™ , a year later, decided to harass somerville kitchen to be a partner in its venture. With partnerships in Ukraine, Japan and US, Canada is proving to be difficult to crack.

The shredded cheese/carrot and Japanese fish cake toast is said to be the rave in Sapporo, Japan.

Mayonnaise, cold fish cake, shredded cheese and carrots, are basically it.

"But we are not in Sapporo", I said. 

That opened the door to try a BC special (supposedly they are talking to potential partners in Peachland, BC).

The magic hands worked very quickly to demonstrate a localized version of Toast Now™ meat (US) and fish (Japan) focused inventions - a vegetarian goat cheese sandwich.

What's so special about this??

Well, while partnership negotiations went nowhere, tasty sandwiches were had and a special rice pudding Peachland fruit combo was a treat bonus.


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