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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Wacky Assistant

You are probably wondering how I started showing up in every blog post the last two days (See Vegetarian Recipe 1 & Vegetarian Recipe 2).

Well, I am the smart Catsess and I sneaked my pictures into those posts. 

How can a cat blog you ask? 

Look at me staring you in the eyes. I am not being cute, I am downloading knowledge from your brains.

Learning how to blog took almost a year of spying and learning as master worked.

Sitting in my box under the desk did not give me a good view of how this silver sheet with a munched apple on it worked.

So I had to get closer to the action.

The attempt to pretend I am a cushion failed miserably since master decided to lay back and stare at this small silver sheet.

The next step was to be incognito.

Leaving a drawer open gave me a few hours of learning to blog while I merged nicely with the white envelopes.

That gave me the idea of pretending I am an envelope forgotten in the to do basket.

So I watched and watched and now I sneak in at night into the silver sheet and sneak myself into the blog.

You don't believe me, do you? Well check out my cute picture in tomorrow's blog.

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