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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Cooking in Heat Waves Tips

July 1 is not only Canada Day, it is the time when heat waves start hitting. During heat waves, somerville kitchen slows down given that cooking a simple meal can raise the house temperature by 1.5 degrees and a more sophisticated meal by at least 3 degrees. The best way to manage this is to bring out the toys.

Slow cooker on the lowest heat can make a perfect meal with no change to the house temperature.

Even if you don't have a BBQ, those electric grills can grill any kebab and, if used, outside, keep the house temperature intact.

Bread machines are perfect - bake breads and cakes, gain the smell but loose the house temperature raising of conventional baking.

Finally, for one reason or another, no matter how long you use it, those little machines do not impact house temperatures.

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