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Monday, 28 July 2014

Glad To See

A year ago I wrote about a beautiful small Lebanese restaurant called Beirut Bistro (Read Vancouver Welcomes Beirut). Sadly, it closed down.

But in its same location, we now have another quality small Lebanese restaurant. 

Greens Salad Bar may not be the most exciting name. But the place itself is very sweet. Ran by a Lebanese family, you sense the home made touch of the dough and fillings of the different fatayer and manakeesh.

They offer a series of warm dishes (including what I hear is the best Chicken Shawarma and Falafel in the city), daily specials and a Lebanese inspired salad bar that is sold by weight and you can add to it some fatayer or meats.

I skipped the salad bar and opted for a plate of humus, tabouleh and choice of 3 fatayer (I tried one of each of the meat, spinach and cheese). 

Somerville Kitchen Lebanese-authentic certified! Give it a try.

Mediterranean Greens Salad Bar
812 Homer Street
Vancouver, BC

Mediterranean Greens Salad Bar on Urbanspoon

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