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Monday, 14 July 2014

July Birthdays

I have 7 dear friends who are born between July 13 and July 15.

This makes mid-July a very active social time. Unfortunately, this year work was very busy distracting me from doing justice to all of those friends, so only three of them ended up being celebrated.

For those, the rules of the celebrations were clear:

- No time to cook a feast, so keep it simple and order in.

- No time to order or make a cake, then drive 10 minutes to Sweet e's and have all the options you want.

- Make up for the simplicity with cute gifts. 

This celebration included ordering in a sushi feast and consuming some beverages.

This was followed by Sweet e's infamous flourless chocolate silk cake.

Yes, it may look small for a party of four; but as the owner of Sweet e's keeps on reminding me, one should not eat more than one quarter of this very very rich cake.

A beautiful evening with one of the dear mid-July friends enjoyed in le jardin.

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