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Friday, 4 July 2014

Lily Mae's Brunch Every Day

I wrote enough about what a great brunch Lily Mae's serves (Read The BEST Brunch in Town and Another Brunch) that they now serve their brunch six days a week.

Which was perfect for a mid-week lunch with visitors. 

While we missed indulging on Lily Mae's fries, we indulged in my brunch favourites; photographed below.

Now if only that hot chocolate you tantalized us with when you first opened makes it back...

The Sunny Day Benedict (with crab and avocado)

The Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes


Lily Mae's Comfort Café
12 Powell Street
Vancouver, BC
Lily Mae's Comfort Café on Urbanspoon 


Hanson said...

I've been to Lily Mae's too but I missed where that first mural was. Where did you take that photo?

somerville kitchen said...

Hi Hanson. The first mural is a very small one - the picture makes it look much larger - that is on the side of the wall facing the alley closest to the street. It is small, so look for it next time you are there.