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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Tea in a Forest

Vandusen Garden has two restaurants: The Shaughnessy Restaurant and Truffles Fine Foods Café.

Both places offer afternoon tea service. On a casual Saturday, the choice was the Truffles Fine Foods Café.

It is a cafeteria style put together afternoon tea service (and it is not cheap).

You choose one of their sandwiches as a base. This is cut in half and added to baked goods and a selection of their sweets.

What did I think of it?

When you are sitting on a patio in the midst of a wild forest garden, everything is a pleasant experience.

The tray itself looked great and was inviting to just lounge and munch.

But the food lacked refinement. 

The sandwich too thick, the scones too big. Whipped cream instead of real cream; not the freshest macaroons.

But, an experience of sitting in nature for hours pleasantly chatting was worth it.

Truffles Fine Foods Café
5151 Oak Street
Vancouver, BC

Truffles Fine Foods Cafe on Urbanspoon

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