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Friday, 25 July 2014

The Apprentice

I've heard enough hype about Farmer's Apprentice that it was time to check it out.

Tucked on West 6th in a quiet area, it may take you a while to find it.

Once you do, you may question whether to go in given how small the place and its menu are.

It does not help that their servers are not necessarily the warmest.

But please do step in.

The menu is limited, the prices are not cheap given the size of plates. The chef is creative, but again many creative chefs are popping up throughout the city.

Where Farmer's Apprentice stands out is the taste of the food.

You can taste the freshness and taste what you are actually eating as opposed to having all covered with salt and pepper.

And they do use delicious salts and peppers but those bring the flavour of the food out as opposed to masking non-fresh produce and food.

And don't miss on the cheese platter. The brunch menu looks fascinating and so are the Sunday Series which I don't understand how they work, but are very intriguing.

Farmer's Apprentice
1535 West 6th Avenu
Vancouver, BC

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1 comment:

Hanson said...

I really love how they added an indoor window to the restaurant to give it a homey feeling :)