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Saturday, 8 November 2014

A Snack at Mounir's

Some have seen Mounir's feasts before. Few have asked for more.

I am happy to experience Mounir again upon landing in Lebanon.

Today's meal was a mid-day snack - yes, this is considered just a snack at Mounir.

The snack began with Labneh (thickened yogurt) along a selection of olives.

In Lebanon, olives come in one size and type only but in two colours - green and black.

Halloum grilled in pita followed (a.k.a. Halloum Sails).

Then came chicken liver made in a way I am going to attempt.

They are cut in small pieces and fried in a bit of olive oil.

And finally (it is a snack after all) was a humongous piece of baked kebbeh.

It is stuffed with heavy ghee style material and sumaq.

Delicious with some humus or baba ghanouj, made with just a touch of garlic and smooth as cream.

Dessert was simply a selection of fresh and jammed dates - by then I had tummy space for only one of each.

Mounir Restaurant
Brummana, Lebanon

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