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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

I Really Like Bob Who Likes Thai Food

It took me more than a year to try Bob Likes Thai Food (Read Like Bob Who Likes Thai Food) and here I am back two weeks later.

Eating with a charming company allowed me to try a variety of platters.

Including Bob's delicious Milk Thai Iced Tea that, according to the server, is the same as is sold on the streets of Thailand.
Bob's chicken satay are very similar to other ones tried elsewhere.

But what came with it was unique and much fresher than tasted elsewhere.

Time to try Bob's Pad Thai.

Exceptional with generous amounts of shrimps and fried tofu and light on the egg.

And a repeat performance of the Eggplant Pad Ka Pow.

Now that the standards have been sampled, time to venture to the new.

Massaman Beef Curry with coconut milk and tamarind and five spices.

A good one.

I will be back to sample the rest.

Bob Likes Thai Food
1521 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
Bob Likes Thai Food on Urbanspoon

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