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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Food Shopping In The Snow

Running away from the -24 something weather in Toronto, I ducked into Loblaws' at Maple Leafs Garden. Wow!

It does not feel like a grocery store, let alone a Loblaws' one. At the same time, it does not feel like a Whole Foods, Choices or Urban Fair - it is simply a sophisticated, well designed and stocked food fair.

The cheese section alone can keep you exploring for days. 

Yes, what you see behind is a series of high shelving fridges filled with all sorts of cheeses from around the world. Facing the shelving is a corner deli counter filled with more cheeses.

Now if the options of which cheeses to buy does not overwhelm you and, let's say, you decided to get some goat cheese, now you have to tackle decision number 2 - what flavour of goat cheese to buy.

Yes, these balls below are not ice-cream - they are different flavoured goat cheeses.

I think you've got the picture - this goes on and on for deli meats, pre-made foods, sushi bar, salad bar, bakery, teas, cookies. I just had to put my foot out and leave...

...with just a cup of tea in a fancy filter cover take-out cup.

Loblaws' Carlton Street
60 Carlton Street
Toronto, Ontario

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