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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Food Delivery in the Freeze

As the below -20 temperatures continue to haunt me in the east, dinner plans are best to be indoors (well at least for me, not for the poor delivery guy).

China Gourmet is good Chinese food in Toronto's outskirts. 

The order included:

- Egg rolls (poor)
- Szechuan Noodles (very good)
- Spicy Peanut Chicken (excellent)
- Chili chicken (good)
- Shanghai noodles (very good)

All in all, good food, value and their promise of delivered fast and fresh to your door was acted on (albeit not too fast, but must be the bad roads)

I am not sure though about their no MSG claim - a night of utmost thirst may disproof this claim.

China Gourmet Takeout
877 York Mills Road
Toronto, Ontario

China Gourmet Takeout on Urbanspoon

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