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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Hungarian Feast Fit For An Empress

Food came knocking on my door.

What is in this cart, you are wondering? 

All one needs to have a Hungarian feast of Chicken Paprika, Nokedli and Uborka Salata - all made from scratch.

The Chicken Paprika made with authentic Hungarian Paprika all the way from Hungary found its place to simmer at sommerville kitchen as the home made Nokedli production kicked off.

Yes, many hands were involved with this, except for mine - you see, someone got to document this event.

Meanwhile, magic hands did their magic to get the cucumbers sliced and salted.

Add a bit of this, a bit of that, some onions, some cream, and voila, the Ubarka Salata was ready.

What a delicious, filling and fulfilling lunch this was - a perfect way to spend a Sunday.

All piled their plates, went back for seconds, socialized, entertained, got entertained and enjoyed.

Thank you my dear Empress for the amazing pot of Chicken Paprika and all that went around it.

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