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Sunday, 29 March 2015

The somerville kitchen dinnerpartyyvr year 2

Thank you Social Bites for having somerville kitchen be part of your dinnerpartyyvr event one more time.

dinnerpartyyvr is where hobby chefs open their homes to guests who pay for the dinner and the money goes to charities. 42 of us cooked and had fun, met new people and did something good - as a group, we raised a total of $15,065 for charities.

As per last year, my charity of choice was The World in a Garden with the only difference of having this lovely organization's creator and leader, Tricia Sedgwick, join my guests for dinner this year.

Thank you BlueShore Financial for donating for each tweeted picture from the event, raising $1000 to add to the mix.

 Social Bites, a lovely idea, please keep it going, and thank you.


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