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Friday, 24 April 2015

Authentically Lebanese

Everything was authentic about this perfect party at somerville kitchen starting with the authentic group of lovely people who bid generously for United Way to win this dinner.

Lebanese Arak and Lebanese wine kicked off the partying. By the end of the evening, we consumed, on average, one bottle of wine and one glass of Arak per person.

But that was not the only consumption we had. Along side the beverages was a major authentic Lebanese mezza spread.

One of the more authentic offering was a platter of humus topped with lamb and pine nuts sizzling in olive oil.

The kabobs were next, grilled to perfection on a home fire.

The authenticity of the evening did not stop at the kabobs and the food.

To complete an authentic Lebanese feast, the Arghileh came out with real tobacco and coals from the fire. 

Granted it took time to have it get it to work authentically, but once all got the hang of it, the smoke puffs filled up the room bringing the feasting ambiance from Lebanese restaurant level to Lebanese night club one.

And then there was dessert.

A very pleasant evening on all levels with an amazing company.

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