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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Saskatchewan Adventure - The Twister

And we arrive to our destination.

Chamberlain has a population of less than what you find in a small condominium building in Vancouver.

You can also walk the whole town faster than you walk Main street in Vancouver.

Yet, it has two churches (or is it one large church with two roofs?)

It is also the land of Twisted SisterS, one of the most popular road stops restaurants in the province.

And rightly so. 

With cows roaming few meters away, you can be assured of eating the freshest burgers and drinking the freshest milk (or milk shakes or twisters).

I am not sure I will ever have more delicious ice cream. And my favourite topping, sprinkles, just made this an amazing tasting experience.

Thank you Saskatchewan - you never cease to amaze me.


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