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Monday, 25 May 2015


It felt that everywhere I turned in Kelowna someone mentioned RauDZ

 While typically hyped up restaurants do not impress in reality, RauDZ is an exception. It is amazing in its ambiance, service, food and value for money

The waiter was so proud, and rightly so, of the freedom he is given to create cocktails from local ingredients

His Twenty Four Carrot is gold standard for sure - maple (local) carrot reduction with ginger, lemon and three liquors

I could have drank all night
 And I could have eaten all night

Everything sourced locally, including the edible flowers

Very few restaurants manage to deliver on four pillars of great eating:  exceptional quality, beautiful presentation, sufficient amounts at a good price. RauDZ delivers on all

This is the Bison Flat Iron. A lucky excellent choice for dinner

And I am glad someone mentioned that the Cesar salad is very good too. It is the best Cesar salad I have had in my life

Water Street 1560
Kelowna, BC

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