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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Shoes & Food

All you readers know I love food.

But even I did not know I also love shoes, until Shoes2go showed up in our city.

Shoes2go is an online shoe retailer with a showroom in Vancouver. The shoes are all imported from countries that make quality shoes with the latest European designs.

Most importantly, I can buy 2.5 of these shoes for the price of one somewhat similar shoe at the fancy shoe retailers we have in this city (which I am sure you know who I mean).

Shoes2go also knows that the way to a man's feet is through his stomach.

So a shoes, booze and food event introducing the new men's collection prior to hitting the online store made the shoe shopping experience delicious.

So delicious, in fact, that I am now instantly the proud owner of five Shoes2go shoes. To put it in perspective, my whole shoe closet for the past decade had five shoes in it.

This cutest pair of shoes, sold exclusively at Shoes2go, is becoming the go-to-shoes for the who's who of the shoes connoisseur guys in the city.

So comfortable that one night I went to bed in it, thinking I had no shoes on (seriously - ask Catsess).

I'm also enjoying my Jesus slippers (below far left) that made it to a Home Depot and Ikea trip in the heat of the day.

Quality, design, price, and fun shopping experience are only part of Shoes2go.

The business owners' personality, knowledge and love of shoes, along with state of art customer database simply makes this the only shoe shopping experience I have ever enjoyed.

I will be back.

And yes, they carry women's shoes. In fact, their women's shoes collection is almost twice as vast as the men's collection.

Check it out at If you want a personal introduction to the business owners, happy to oblige (and you may get a personal invite to a somerville kitchen dinner along the way) - contact me at



Unknown said...

Can you try on shoes at the showroom Majid? Amanda

somerville kitchen said...

Yes, that is the key purpose of the showroom - to try on the shoes or see them for real.