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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Snacks, Snacks and More Snacks (Part 1)

Lebanon's house rules are one major meal a day, be it lunch or dinner. But in between, snacking can sometimes be more exciting than the home cooked meal. Here's a sample in two parts

Fresh peaches cooked and soaked in sugar syrup; orange peel jam and dates stuffed with nuts directly from the gulf - perfect for a morning stomach cleansing

Memories of childhood snack - grilled cheese and pickles sandwich; just missing the pressing when grilled

Cabbage is supposed to be a perfect low calories in-between snack that fills you up without packing the weight. This country's cabbage is the best I have tasted; turned into a salad with dried mint, lemon juice and olive oil

And of course my favourite breakfast, Kneffeh, a (healthy?) platter of 3 cheeses cooked with semolina topping and soaked in sugar syrup

And if you thought the above was not enough calories to get your day going, many eat it as a sandwich inside those little Kaak (that also double as mini Lebanese style bagels to snack on filled with cheese) - yummy snack




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