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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Wacky IKEA

Going to IKEA on a Thursday = Instant material for Wacky Thursdays

I cannot believe I stood in line up for 25 minutes to eat IKEA food. But I still had the lower level of the store to roam so, being hungry, I was held hostage by the anticipated finds.

Plus, the food is of decent quality and long line ups means freshly made. And one is paying fast food prices for casual dining platters.

In real life, the new Caribbean basa looked way more appetizing than the picture (and tasted great).

IKEA Richmond
3320 Jacombs Street
Richmond, BC


Angel Liu said...

that looks fantastic! I'm looking forward to trying their vegan meatballs.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I like IKEA food too! That gluten free chocolate crunch pie dessert is pretty yummy too!