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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

How To Keep A Sick Cat Eating

When catsess got sick (Read In Memory of Catsess), and as typical of sick cats, she became very fussy about eating.

In order to keep her comfortable and not fall into the agonies of dehydration, I turned the house into a pet food store.

Try one type or brand of cat food, she'd eat a bit and when she stops eating that one, a new one is opened.

Over 8 to 9 different foods a day with one teaspoon of each, you can keep a sick cat hydrated and comfortable.

At this stage of a cat's life, the quality of the food becomes less relevant and the focus is on getting calories in. Catsess favourites were the crunchies treats - she always loved them and they kept her going till her last days.

All this effort was worth it as Catsess had a comfortable passing on at home, and that was mainly because she kept getting some food in her till the last hour. So please do not give up on a sick cat if she is not eating her regular food, just keep trying, with a bit of this and that, you can keep your sick cat comfortable till the end.

In memory of Catsess at somerville kitchen (December 2012 - November 2015)

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